Re-Assembling: Social Entrepreneurship, Motorcycles and Cast-Away Youth

Joel Hietanen, Aalto University, Finland
John Schouten, St. John University, Canada
Joonas Rokka, EMLYON Business School, France
Klaus Kangaspunta, Finland
“Re-assembling” is a videography that explores the notion of social entrepreneurship in the context of how ‘cast-away’ youth, with little or no marketable professional skills, can be brought back to working-life and re-connected with meaningful lives and sustainable ways of being. The film unfolds as a story about and around our social entrepreneur. Working at his “workshop” where bikes and motorbikes are re-assembled from abandoned, lost, or used parts, often discovered from trash, or parts re-circulated in second-hand bike market. The parts are carefully re-worked, re-connected and put together as unique, beautiful manually crafted bikes that are then sold or traded forward. But he not only re-assembles and sells bikes. He has a broader mission and calling that links his workshop with a social cause. For three years, he has started to bring along youngsters, often from difficult backgrounds, to his workshop to learn what he calls ‘basic life skills’. It is this ongoing re-assembling


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