Tomorrowland Festival: A Journey in Devirotopia

Alain Decrop, University of Namur, Belgium
Julie Masset, University of Namur, Belgium
Intended contribution: Each year, the music festival ‘Tomorrowland’ gathers in Belgium about 180,000 people who come from all over the world. A large number of festival-goers walk around with national flags, accessories or fancy dresses, which makes the festival unique. This research investigates consumers’ identity construction and expression through such material objects. Few studies have explored identity issues related to a music festival and the paraphernalia consumed during a festival. Literature: This videography relies on consumer research literature related to the meanings of objects (i.e., the role of material objects in consumers’ identity construction) and the consumption experiences (e.g., experiential marketing). Methodology: Through a naturalistic interpretive approach, we interviewed 29 informants of both genders and of different ages, nationalities, educational levels, and professional statuses. We also observed the festival and camping sites, and the behaviors o


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