Luxurious Emirati Weddings: The Expenses, Pressures and Consequences

Damien Arthur, Zayed University, UAE
Nuha Nasser Salem Al Amri, Zayed University, UAE
Sara Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Zayed University, UAE
Intended Contribution to Knowledge: This videography explores a ritual and site that due to religious and cultural norms is typically not for public broadcast. It is the first study to date to systematically analyze the expenses, pressures and consequences associated with luxurious Emirati Weddings. It provides a unique insight into a closed culture where traditional rituals and values exist, but have been warped by wealth and commercialization. Literature Foundations: This videography builds on the work of Russell Belk, Rana Sobh and their colleagues (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) who explored how the concepts of hospitality, privacy, mimetic excess and gendered spaces are enacted by the people of the Arabian Gulf. Research Method: In-depth interviews and focus groups were undertaken with Emirati brides, grooms, mothers of grooms, wedding attendees, wedding planners and venue managers. As society’s norms encourage women to protect their image, a major obstacle we overcame was depict


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