Stealing from the Rich

Jonas Colliander, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Magnus Söderlund, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Sofie Sagfossen, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Stefan H. Szugalski, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Intended Contribution to Knowledge: We explore the effects bad behavior might have and look at this from a marketplace morality perspective. Researchers have mainly focused on good and bad behavior as two different acts. With this videography we expect to widen the knowledge on morality in the marketplace, and specifically add perspectives on self-interest. We extend knowledge by revealing how economical and other self-interests contradict each other. We discuss personal desires and the effects the experience of winning may have on a group of people, to the extent that it might impact a whole town. Literature Foundations: The theoretical foundation of the study is the assumption that a marketplace of morality is a market of morality inputs and outputs (Dunfee 1988). Here, we study a case in which a person donated money (good behavior) to a sports organization, which were obtained illegally (bad behavior) and investigate the possible positive effects of it. What really makes this


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